About Me

That Internet you’re using? I was here first…

Online since 1992, I’ve been charting the rise and fall and rise of the web since it all began. Firstly as an academic then, later, as a journalist. I still do both.

With a background in the sociology of communication and an ability to tailor my style to suit the occasion, I’ve been writing and teaching people about communication and technology since 1996. My work’s been published around the world and translated into languages with different alphabets. Before that I taught people how to build the web, and before that I studied interface design and hypermedia at masters degree level.

If you need someone to write about any aspect of internet culture, technology or creativity software, mine is the only address you need in your contact book.  I also write clean, optimised copy about popular culture, consumer rights and media theory. You’ll find examples in my blog – and you can email me at khodge@spodgod.com